100% Organic Farm-Applied Peat-Based Inoculant

The critical element for any inoculant is the viable, active, nitrogen-fixing bacteria contained within the product. LEGUMEFiX was the first product we developed, and it has always been manufactured using aseptic techniques, which produce pure cultures containing only high levels of beneficial bacteria, without contaminants.

LEGUMEFiX provides users with a longer shelf life than our other products. Our integral polymer additives significantly extend the survival of bacteria on each seed ensuring the bacteria will reach the rhizosphere in good condition, and can effectively infect the root of the plant.

LEGUMEFiX comes in a range of pack sizes, which means each grower can choose a size to fit their requirements. LEGUMEFiX has a long shelf life of two seasons, which means farmers are able to plan ahead and store the amount of inoculant required, without compromising on quality.

Benefits of LEGUMEFiX

  • 48-hour planting window.
  • Axenic manufacture with zero contaminants.
  • Compatible with a range of seed treatment chemicals.
  • Robust dried peat powder formulation ensuring extended bacteria survival for 24 months, specifically beneficial in warmer geographical areas.
  • Suitable for organic farmers.



Soya, Lupin, Pea, Lentil, Phaseolus, Faba Bean, Vetch, Sainfoin, Chickpea, Groundnut, Lucerne, Clover

! Important Notice!

Each crop has its own specific Rhizobium bacteria. For example, a product used for soya will not work on peas and vice versa. These are different products.


Peat based

Active Substance

Crop specific Rhizobium bacteria
5 x 109g CFU/g at manufacture


4 g of product for 1 kg of seeds

Storage Temperature

+5°C to +20°C

Shelf Life

24 months from manufacture


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