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The Company

Established in 2000, Legume Technology is proud to provide consistent,  organic, high-quality Rhizobium, mycorrhiza and Bacillus products for all major legume crops as well as for a wide variety of other crops.

Our wide range of products stimulate growth, enhance durability and increase crop yields significantly. Our products are used worldwide and we have a wide distribution network comprising of more than 30 countries, including North and South America and Europe.

Our ethos and values are reflected in the quality of the partnerships we build and the quality of the products we create. It is so incredibly rewarding to see farmers benefit from increasing yields, in an environmentally friendly and natural way, after using Legume Technology inoculants.

Research & Development

We are constantly investing in research and developing solutions for a widening variety of crop types. This continued development is vital so that Legume Technology can provide highly effective and environmentally beneficial inoculants, which offer superior, cleaner alternatives to environment-damaging chemicals.

As well as internally conducted research, we carry out research and development projects with industrial partners, research institutes and universities that are leaders in the field.

Our aim is to produce naturally effective solutions that enhance seedling health and early establishment leading to increased crop yield.

  • Elite strain selection programmes to offer the best combination to maximise nitrogen fixation.
  • Tailored product formulations for individual clients.
  • Microbial biostimulants that stand alone or in combination with Rhizobium to improve the nutritional value of crops and increase stress resistance.
  • Co-Inoculants

    • Bio-control strains co-formulated with the rhizobia inoculant
    • Phosphate-releasing strains included to boost its supply in early development
    • Mixed strain products for imrpoved nitrogen supply
  • Tailored Formulation

    • Pre-treatment products tailored for each individual client
    • Coating strategies designed to enable fast seed flow through planting equipment
    • Small seed legume pelleting processes optimised for each client’s equipment, storage conditions and grower requirements

Our Academic Partners

Our collaborative partners, both the UK and further afield, assist in product development and the maintenance of our high standards.

Our academic partners are:

The Team

Our qualified and dedicated team are always happy to help with any queries you may have regarding our products.

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