Pre-treatment Biostimulant for Legumes

LIQUIFiX 120 is a pre-treatment legume crop inoculant for seed houses. The double formulation allows the on-seed bacteria to survive for up to 120 days, which ensures a high viable count of inoculant bacterica at planting.

This product is compatible with various legume crops; however, the bacterial strain will differ for each crop to ensure maximum efficiency. All of the bacterial strains used in our products are developed with advice and in collaboration with top research institutes such as the University of Oxford, Brazilian Agricultural Research Institute and the University of Guelph, among others.

Benefits of LIQUIFiX 120

  • Increased nodule formation. Faster root infection giving “crown nodulation. (Field trials in Ontario 2015-2018).
  • Increased nitrogen fixation reducing the need for expensive nitrogen fertilisers.
  • Compatible with a range of seed treatment chemicals.
  • High concentration formula, which allows 120-day on-seed survival.
  • Increases protein content within seeds and improves green mass by 1-4%.
  • Optimising the nitrogen fixing potential of a legume crop leaving available nitrogen for the following crop. Estimates vary up to 150kg of available N per Ha.

COLOURFiX Blue Seed Colourant

COLOURFiX is an additive that can be applied to seeds to extend the shelf-life of Rhizobium coating, increasing the chances of  seed survival by 10x after the first month.


  • Neutral pH.
  • High pigment concentration that helps to ensure an even coating.



Soya, Lupin

! Important Notice!

Each crop has its own specific Rhizobium bacteria. For example, a product used for soya will not work on peas and vice versa. These are different products.



Active Substance

Crop specific Rhizobium bacteria
1×1010 CFU/ml at manufacture


4L for 1000kg of seed

Storage Temperature

+5C˚ to +15˚C

Shelf Life

12 months from manufacture

Complimentary Products: MYCOFiX

This product is ideal for: