Liquid Biocompatible Molybdenum

MOLYFiX is a biocompatible molybdenum enhanced with soluble phosphate, which provides critical micronutrients during the first phases of nodule growth on the root of a plant.

Molybdenum is an essential component in enzymes called nitrogenases, which convert nitrogen to ammonia. They are are crucial in the process of nitrogen fixation.

Benefits of MOLYFiX

  • Provides key trace elements to support the seedling during establishment and supplies the ‘root nodule’ with molybdenum – an essential part of nitrogen-fixing enzymes.
  • Our field trials in Hungary showed that using MOLYFiX, in addition to our Rhizobium inoculant LIQUIFiX, increased soya yield by around 12%.



All legume crops




1L for 1000kg of seeds

Storage Temperature

+5°C to +20°C

Shelf Life

18 months from manufacture

Complimentary Products: LIQUIFiX