We recommend our newer range of biostimulant products to work with rice.  A key advantage of using a Bacillus product on rice is that it can be applied weeks or even months ahead of planting while keeping a viable count on the seed. What’s more, the seed itself has a long shelf life.

When applied to seed, our Bacillus product triggers faster, stronger germination, which is especially important when the soil is cool and wet, because the incidence of fungal pathogens is reduced. During trials we’ve seen stronger, healthier plants that suffer less fungal disease and reduced drought stress. We also see a bigger ridge structure, more fibre, more roots and a longer tap root, which gives the plant greater access to nutrients and water.

Our mycorrhiza product has a similar action, but is not as fast as the Bacillus product. However, it has a longer term effect – as the mycorrhiza mycelium spreads through the soil, it grows inside the root system of the  plant and provides phosphate, scavenging from a wider area of soil. It is able to reach more trace elements and water, which helps sustain the plant through drought. The increased amount of mycorrhiza in the soil increases the mycelium, which benefits the crops that follow, meaning that the effect of the product lasts for more than one season.

Throughout our trials on rice in various countries, we have observed that  mycorrhiza treatment increased the average of plant height and root length which are signs of plant vigor by 14% and 16% , respectively. The product also showed more greening leaves compared to the untreated plots and mycorrhiza treatment for rice also increased the average of plant height and root length at 26% and 8%, respectively and the grain weight of rice increased by 35.09% as compared to the untreated control.

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