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We understand that every field is different, and every season brings its own challenges. Because of this we’ve developed a range of high-quality biostimulants to ensure each farmer who purchases our products has one less variable to worry about.

Through consistent research and development, we’ve manufactured biostimulants that not only fix nitrogen levels, but also increase root mass, solubilise phosphate to speed up germination and help plants withstand severe soil conditions. Furthermore, we’re constantly evolving our biostimulant products to meet the ever-changing demands of our customers.

Legume Technology was founded on the principles of producing organic, contaminant-free, high-quality biostimulant products that are proven to increase yield. Our field trials show yield increases of over 70% in Canada and we have seen an increase of 10% in trials on peas in the UK,   even in soils with an effective natural population of Rhizobium. We continue to conduct independent trials across the world against other well-known brands and are proud that results show our products to be superior.

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  • Working with a network of dedicated pulse growers in central Europe, I was looking for an equally dedicated, reliable rhizome supplier. Since their beginning, over 20 years ago, Legume Technology has fully focused on high-quality legume inoculants. Besides their full range of inoculants including chickpea, groundnut, etc. I appreciate the company’s flexibility and good service. So far there has always been a solution.

  • We have worked with Legume Technology for over 16 years and have always been impressed by their willingness to go the extra mile.

  • Legume Technology’s inoculants are delivering excellent results for Canadian legume crop growers across Canada. For soybeans, peas, lentils, chickpeas and other legumes, Canadian growers rely on the extra performance and Legume Technology inoculants deliver season after season. With legume crops increasingly being grown by more and more growers to add to their crop rotations, Legume Technology inoculants will increasingly be used to support more legume-based diets Canada-wide, and worldwide, as a source of dietary protein, with clear additional benefits that tackle climate issues.

  • Our company has been working with Legume Technology for many years. We are grateful for their efficiency in solving problems and their attention to detail. We have expanded our product range and have received a lot of positive feedback from our customers. LEGUMEFiX, LIQUIFiX and MYCOFiX – all of these products work flawlessly in our fields and exceed our customers’ expectations.

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