100% Organic Farm-Applied Liquid Inoculant

LIQUIFiX has been carefully formulated over many years, in collaboration with a wide range of our distribution partners and end-users to ensure we can provide the very best product. Its liquid formulation means that a larger volume of seeds can be coated, making it ideal for bigger farms, and the process is quicker, providing a consistent layer and reducing wastage. Because LiquiFiX sticks directly to the seed, it doesn’t get washed or brushed away once the seed is planted.

Our aseptic manufacturing process means that only high counts of beneficial bacteria are present within the product, so there are zero contaminants present, which ensures a healthier plant and increased yield.

Benefits of LIQUIFiX

  • Seven-day planting window.
  • Improved nodulation and germination due to high bacteria content per gram,  nodule formation begins 10–14 days after planting the seeds.
  • Replaces more expensive chemical nitrogen fertilisers.
  • Only supplies nitrogen to the targeted crop, not the weeds, and it doesn’t get washed away.
  • Fast and easy application treating large seed volumes.
  • Axenic manufacture with zero contaminants.
  • Compatible with a range of seed treatment chemicals.



Soya, Lupin, Pea, Chickpea

! Important Notice!

Each crop has its own specific Rhizobium bacteria. For example, a product used for soya will not work on peas and vice versa. These are different products.



Active Substance

Crop specific Rhizobium bacteria
Up to 5 x 109g CFU/mL at manufacture


3L for 1000kg of seeds

Storage Temperature

Store between +5 ˚ to +15˚ C

Shelf Life

12 months for soya and lupin

6 months for pulses


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This product is ideal for: