Dr Mike Thomas

Research and Development Manager

As a highly experienced senior research scientist with a PhD in plant biotechnology from the University of Nottingham, I have a strong background in molecular biology, genetics, and plant physiology. With over 10 years of experience in academic and industry settings, I have contributed to several research projects focused on crop improvement, including investigating root gravitropism, immunomodulatory effects of plants, and identifying novel genes related to fruit ripening and shelf-life in tomato and other fleshy fruits.

I have a strong knowledge base in the field and have honed my skills through several years of experience working in the biostimulant industry where I have led and coordinated the research and development of new biostimulant products, managed a team of scientists, developed research plans and budgets, conducted laboratory and field trials, analysed data, and reported results to upper management. I have also played a key role in commercializing new products by working with sales and marketing teams.

As the lead of Research and Development at Legume Technology, I am dedicated to advancing the company through innovative research and product development, staying up to date with the latest trends and developments in the biostimulant industry, and committed to ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements