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Compatibility Testing

It is common practice to use fungicides, insecticides, fertilisers and, increasingly, several types of biological treatments on agricultural seed. We’re able to advise on specific chemicals and test them to show compatibility prior to trials. Compatibility testing is important because similar chemicals can behave differently if they are supplied in combination or in formulations supplied by different manufacturers.

Our products are compatible with most popular chemical treatments, including Apron Maxx RTA, Cruiser Maxx or thiram treatments, for example. However, we recommend applying chemical products to the seed first, letting it dry , then applying the inoculant, to avoid any risks.

  • Compatibility of Nitrogen Fertilisers with Nitrogen-Fixing Inoculants

    If you apply nitrogen fertilisers, the plant will detect that it has enough nitrogen and the production of nodules will be delayed, reduced or even stop..

    If you are not sure the chemical treatment used is compatible or you apply a special treatment, send us a sample and we will conduct a compatibility test for you.

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