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At Legume Technology, we supply a wide range of pre-treatment inoculant products that are specially formulated to increase the lifespan of the performance-enhancing bacteria, so that distributors can provide farmers with ready-coated seeds.. This allows distributors to provide farmers with seeds that are already coated with the bacteria and ready for planting. However, the most common question asked by farmers who prefer to coat the seed themselves is “what’s the best way to apply peat or liquid inoculant to the seed?”.

We are completing the final stages of CE marking that will enable us to supply a range of inoculant application equipment*, making the treatment of seed on the farm quick and easy. We are incredibly excited to be able to bring this range of equipment to distributors and farmers across the globe.

  • Option 1.

    L-Tech ‘Manual Applicator’

    This handheld mixer uses an auger to pull the seed upwards through an enclosed tube. The seed then flows out of the mixer through vents near the handles. This unit features a soft auger flight so that the seed is not damaged during the mixing process.

    The unit is able to run from a farm vehicle battery power source and makes mixing the inoculant by hand easier. It can be used in the drill box to mix the inoculant into the seed.

    The L-Tech ‘Manual Applicator’ is highly recommended for growers using LiquiFiX and LegumeFiX.

  • Option 2.

    L-Tech ‘Automated In-Line Applicator’

    The L-Tech ‘Automated In-Line Applicator’ optimises the application process, speeding up the time taken to apply the product. The unit can be fitted with peat and liquid applicators and is particularly effective when the seed is delivered in 20-25kg sacks. This machine allows the treatment of the seed at the farm prior to being delivered to the field for planting.

  • Option 3.

    L-Tech ‘Rapid Bulk Bag Applicator’

    This unit runs from any farm vehicle battery power supply and is designed to rapidly coat the seed as it is discharged from 500-1000kg bags (a 500kg tote bag can be discharged in less than 5 minutes). The seed is discharged through a coating chamber that uses a fine spray to evenly coat the seed as it flows into the planting equipment.

*Price and delivery lead time on request. Spare parts for these units available on request.

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