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Private Labelling

Although we mostly distribute products to our partners with our own branding on them, we understand that some may require the need for private labelling products.

  • Legume Technology Brand

    Because of our expertise, UK location and purpose-built manufacturing facility, we have gained a reputation as established experts in the industry. For this reason, many of our partners are happy to distribute inoculant with Legume Technology branding.

    However, in certain circumstances, either due to location or branding preference, some of our partners may need a tailored branding approach.

  • Private Labelling Service

    Our private labelling service takes care of the packaging – just supply us with your design requirements along with your logo and branding.

    As part of our commitment to our distributors, we take particular care to help support the brand and its continued growth.

    We are also able to offer marketing support alongside our private labelling service to ensure that our distributors can take advantage of our experience and industry expertise.

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