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Pre-Treatment Inoculant Training

We’re committed to supporting our distributors and customers, which is why we provide thorough training on the best practice for inoculation, and on handling and storage of these products. This ensures that any distributor will have the knowledge required to assist their customers in making the best decision for their crop and livelihood.

The training we provide is conducted by Dr Bruce Knight, Founder and Lead Microbiologist at Legume Technology. We train agro-dealers in how to access, manage and distribute information on inoculants and their use in order to allow them to educate and support their customers.

During the training we also explain the financial benefit of using inoculants rather than nitrogen fertilisers, including the difference inoculation makes to crop yield.

  • During the training we cover:

    • The difference between chemical fertilisers and organic inoculants.
    • The methods used for seed inoculation and how they may be affected by climate and soil conditions.
    • The product types, and with which inoculants can be used for each legume and crop.
    • Storage solutions – because the inoculant contains living organisms, it must be protected from heat and sun.
    • Best practice for transporting the inoculants and inoculated seed.

    We also provide support in the registration for our products in new countries, which includes training on how to conduct tests effectively and record data. This microbiological information also helps us to understand trends and gain a better understanding of individual environments so that we can develop our products further.

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