Nitrogen-Fixing Clay-Based Inoculant

PELLIFiX is a pelleting and encrustment additive, containing nitrogen-fixing partner bacteria that coat seeds in a powder-free mineral suspension formula.
This product contains either dedicated alfalfa Rhizobium strains (Sinorhizobium Meliloti), or clover strains (Rhizobium Leguminosarum Biovar Trifolii), to ensure the grower can produce a highly productive crop.

We have experience in building pellet structure and for those interested in this product, we are able to advise on how to build this inoculant into your existing pellet.

Benefits of PELLIFiX

  • Slurry application means reduced dust problems.
  • Tailored application costs depending on storage time required.
  • Optional finishing coat to give enhanced colour and shine.
  • It is possible to incorporate a biostimulant such as seaweed extract in the coating process.
  • Pellet-build strategies tailored to give encrustment up to 50% ‘pellet’ increase in weight.
  • 150-day planting window for lucerne.
  • 90-day planting window for clover types.
  • Robust pellet structure.



Group B & C Clovers and Lucerne


Dust free clay-based pelleting and encrustment additive. Sterile carrier, 100% pure bacterial inoculant with zero contaminants.

Active Substance

Partner nitrogen-fixing Rhizobium bacteria in a long-lasting clay-based coating formulation


20kg dual action pack for 1000 kg of seeds

Storage Temperature

+5°C to +15°C

Shelf Life

18 months from manufacture

Complimentary Products: MYCOFiX

This product is ideal for: